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"The Bread of The Lord's Supper: Deliverance from the Power of Sin" By Chris Tento


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Chris Tento
16080 SW Copper Creek Drive
Tigard, Oregon 97224

$15.00 covers the book and shipping. You can make donations the same way.

We have provided an easy copy function with most of these articles, so that an interested reader can print them out. If you copy articles or are greatly blessed by these teachings, please consider donating. You can send the donations the same way you purchase a book. There are about a book and a half of teachings on this web site that are completely free. If you simply cannot conveniently donate anything, give your prayer. Pray for Chris Tento, his family, and for the advancement of these teachings. I think it is obvious how valuable these teachings on the Bread and the Cup can be to believers. Many readers live outside the United States.

Please pray for Chris Tento and his family. I would ask that you say a prayer even at this very moment for Chris and his family. Thank you so much! May God richly bless you (Cup of Blessing) as you obey Him (the Bread)(1Peter 2:24).

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